Early Spring Fever Jackpot

Early Spring Fever Jackpot

A small giveaway with a Huge Jackpot!

Entries Closed Announcing Winners this Afternoon

Purchase 1 certificate -get one chance.

POWER PLAY: Purchase 5 certificates - save $20 and we'll double your chances - you get 10 chances!  Power Play available to first 10 Customers today!
Limited entries accepted. Available to the first 39 customers.

BIRDSFOOT'S Early SPRING FEVER BIG GOLF GIVEAWAY.  - Let's have some more fun . . . Okay, you're purchasing a $20 gift certificate with a chance for much more! This is the no risk part: The sale expires when sold out, but the gift certificate has no expiration. After you buy one of these gift certificates, you will receive gift certificate for $20.00 before the golf season.  You can use the gift certificate for anything at Birdsfoot, including greens fees and cart rental, so you can't lose.  In short, you get a gift certificate for the amount you purchased, but . . . . This is the fun part:  When we close the sale, if you have purchased one of these certificates, you will be entered in a chance to win . . .  

1st PRIZE.
Titleist Taylormade SIM MAX STEEL 4-PW Irons or A FULL Membership (Reg. $2000)

2nd Prize: FULL MEMBERSHIP (Reg. $2000)
3rd Prize:  Taylormade SIM MAX Driver driver or Individual Playing Pass  (reg. $1495)

4th PRIZE. Family Sunset Premium Membership (Reg. $1395)
5th PRIZE: 3 Months of FREE golf including cart or Choose:
Taylormade SIM Fairway Wood or two SIM Rescue Clubs
6th PRIZE: 2 Months of FREE golf including cart
7th PRIZE: 1 Month of FREE golf including cart 
8th Prize: Unlimited Spring Golf Including Cart, through May 21st
9th Prize: 10 Weekday Rounds

11th Prize: March, April & May FREE - No Resrictions, includes cart.
12th: June, July & August FREE - No Resrictions, includes cart.
13th: Septmeber & October FREE - No Resrictions, includes cart.
14th: A Dozen Pro-V1s
 Rounds are include cart and do not expire.
Available to the first 39 customers.

It's the end of winter and we are having some fun at Birdsfoot. We have such a small amount of people opening their e-mails this time of year, so you have a better chance to win.   

SUMMARY: Buy a $20 certificate and you have a chance to win a bunch of golf.  Here is how you can't lose: If you don't win, you still have a $20 certificate.  Finally: if you golf here a couple times per year, you may want to think about buying multiple certificates . . . Better chances and you'll use it anyway! 
Purchase 5 certificates - you'll save $20 and you'll TRIPLE your chances right now! There is no purchase necessary to enter the drawing. Click here for rules and prize details. Subject to availability. Availability subject to change.
Purchase $100 gift card - you'll save $20 and have great chances!


Buy 5 Certificates, Save $20 and Double your Chances