Birdsfoot's Famous End Winter Golf Giveaway!


Birdsfoot's Famous End Winter Golf Giveaway!

OKAY - We've had enough! We're giving away some clubs, memberships and golf rounds. You've got nothing to lose.


BIRDSFOOT'S END THE WINTER BIG GOLF GIVEAWAY.  - Let's have some more fun . . . Okay, you're purchasing a gift certificate with a chance for much more! This is the no risk part: The sale offers a small number of gift certificates and closes when sold out, but the gift certificate has no expiration.  When you buy one of these gift certificates, you will receive an instant e-mail gift certificate.  You can use the gift certificate for anything at Birdsfoot, including greens fees and cart rental, so you can't lose.  In short, you get a gift certificate for the amount you purchased, but . . . .This is the fun part:  When we close the sale, if you have purchased one of these certificates, you will be entered in a chance to win . . .  



18 winners - You'll always have your gift certificate!

GRAND PRIZE: Pick a FULL Membership or a NEW Set of Titleist Irons ($1000 retail club credit!) 

2nd Prize: Individual Playing Membership

3rd Prize: 12 ROUNDS (6 Weekday - 6 Anytime)

4th Prize: 10 ROUNDS (5 Weekday - 5 Anytime)

5th Prize: 7 Day Membership

6th Prize: 8  ROUNDS (4 Weekday - 4 Anytime)

7th Prize: Swing King Membership

8th Prize: King-for-Day ANYDAY, All Day Play Pass for 4

9th Prize: 5 Day Membership

10th Prize: 6 GOLF ROUNDS (3 Weekday - 3 Anytime)

11th Prize: King for a day WEEKDAY, All Day Play Pass for 4

12th Prize: Classic Sunset Membership

13th Prize: 4 GOLF ROUNDS (2 Weekday -2 Anytime)

14th Prize: 4 GOLF ROUNDS (4 Weekday)

15th Prize: 2 GOLF ROUNDS (1 Weekday - 1 Anytime)


17th Prize: One Anytime 18 Hole Round 

18th Prize: One Weekday 18 Hole Round

Be the first!

The golf rounds include cart, have no expiration. We have a small amount of people opening their e-mails in the winter, so you have a better chance to win.

SUMMARY: Buy certificate and you have a chance to win FREE CLUBS, GOLF ROUNDS or MEMBERSHIPS at Birdsfoot for 2021.  Here is how you can't lose: If you don't win, you still have a golf certificate. Finally: if you golf here a couple times per year, you may want to think about buying multiple certificates . . . Better chances and you'll use it anyway! There is no purchase necessary to enter the drawing. Click here for details Subject to availability. Availability subject to change.

Buy a $100 gift certificate.  You might win a prize, and you'll still have your certificate and you save $20!